Published in the WII Newsletter in 1993 or early 1994 (Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun) “We at W. I. I.” I curse, “are nothing but a bunch of overgrown children playing at Cowboys and Indians. I mean, is this any place to be? The temperatures are so low, I am sure any decent thermometer would freeze over, my cerebrospinal fluid has icebergs that would sink a Titanic floating about in it, and my teeth have started a healthy erosion process from all the chattering.” “Shh…” says Advait, while I pause to take a breath, “Shh… You won’t get words like that past any subeditor.” We are on our way up Rudranath towards the end of an enlightening, enriching, exhausting trip to the Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary as part of the M. Sc. high altitude techniques tour. The air is rare here, so my tirade is rendered much less effective by my constant need to stop for breath. My lungs are full again. “When we first got here, it was fine.” I continue, “Mandal and its surroundings …

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