It is not often that one finds a person who is equally comfortable with his place at the head of a corporate boardroom of a leading company or being in a line of people trekking up a leech-infested rainforest or even diving into the ocean to admire the beauty of coral reefs. Someone who can meld vision with wit, lace seriousness with humour, and soar with lofty thoughts while remaining firmly rooted on the ground. A person who can step outside comfortable boundaries to engage with other worlds and world views, bringing refreshing insights while being refreshed by the experience himself. NCF is fortunate to know and have a friend in such a person in Venky Muthiah. For more than two decades, Venky Muthiah (more formally, Mr. M. M. Venkatachalam) has held senior positions in the Murugappa Group of Companies, one of India’s reputed business houses. After his graduation from the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, he went on to obtain a Masters’ Degree in Business Administration from George Washington University, USA. He is presently the …

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